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1.For the past few years, do you feel that psychoanalysis has rather been thought of as:
Not well
The media's opinion accounts for little

2.Are alternative therapies (i.e. sophrologie) competing with the analytical milieu.
Not important

3. To the contrary, do you believe that philosophy (i.e. Derrida) enriches the movement:
Not important

4. S. Leclerc wishes that the profession were officially regulated. Do you agree with that?
Yes, especially within the realms of the medical field
This is quite absurd
Yes, with the support of the EEC

5.Following the latest paedophile matters, how do you feel about the involvement of psychoanalysis?
It is suffering from it
There is no relation between the two
It is standing out from the rest of the fields

6. What are your feelings about the Freudian model?
It is obsolete
Still up to date
It has been substituted by other values and other school of thoughts (which ones? The id for Lacan, Jung, Adler or others. Be specific, please!)->

7. In which of the following would psychoanalysis have a great future?
Collective aid to those stricken (i.e. individuals suffering a plane crash…)
Individual and intimate approach
Specific fields (i.e. childhood, as brought forward by F. Dolto)
Within the realms of ethnopasychoanalysis, psychiatry, sociology
Others (Be specific, please!) > Due to its lack of prestige, it is doomed to failure
As a commonplace, it makes it more available to those who need it. No need for prestige
In the age of technology, it may find its niche

8. Many authors dedicate to the analytical field an important part of neuroscience.
· Would you be willing to take the time and be introduced to it?
It is pointless
It is a new way to go

9. Are you familiar with the work by Julien Friedler entitled “Psychanalyse et Neuroscience”? What is your opinion on his work?

10.Madame E.Roudinesco follows literary news pertaining to psychoanalysis for the newspaper Le Monde. How do you find those sections?
Too general
Other. Be specific, please!>

11. Are you familiar with the analytical field brought forth by the late Maud Mannoni as well as her works. If so, what is your opinion on her work?

12. Interactions between psychoanalysis and literature are particularly deep in which of the following literary genders?
The nouveau Roman
None, or else, be specific, please!. >

13. In the novel Crime and Punishment F.D. is said to have told it all as far as human profiles were concerned. If you do not agree with this statement, who do you rather think of?
Others. Be specific, please! >

14. Do you actually believe that there are other ”initiators” besides psychoanalysts?

15. In your opinion, does the work by Henri Bauchau reflect that concept of initiator? If not, what of the following would you opt for?
In your opinion, Oedipus would turn out to be a universal paradigm
It would turn out to be universal (further reduced)
Others. Be specific, please! >

16. Kristeva, Sibony, Lebon, are well-respected authors. Could you name:
Other authors of that caliber?
Others not yet well known, but soon to be?
Brand new authors, never heard of before?

17. Clément Rosset was disparaging the work of Lacan. How would you qualify Mr. Rosset's attitude?
Like Jean Allouch you are out to find fault in each and every one of his proceedings
Express at least one critical assessment, please!

18. The Lacanian approach is now highly regarded by its peers. How do you feel about this?
It is very naturel
Nothing short of idoaâty
The counterpart to its exclusion
A financial stability for some publishing houses

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Thank you for your time. Tassigny Frans. Visit us soon for additional questions will be posted on this site in the near future…

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