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Psychotherapy one line via Internet.

Psychotherapy one line via Internet.

The computer can from now on play a part of mediator between certain patients and their therapeutist.

Up to your keyboards !

All the branches of industry are upset by the use of Internet; all or almost can be done remotely by screen interposed via a telephone line and a modem so that new forms of therapy appeared recently giving to the computer a role of mediator impossible to circumvent for certain patients and their therapeutist.

Psychotherapy by mail called email therapy or e-therapy and written psychotherapy in interactivepractised by psychologists, psychotherapists or psychoanalysts not doctors1 make from now on left the landscape of the remote care.

Psychotherapy by mail consists in writing its text on computer then to send it to its therapeutist the day agreed upon, the therapeutist sending his answer written by mail in the 24 hours which follow.

Written psychotherapy in interactive is a dialogue on computer in real time during a fixed weekly appointment. Patient and therapeutist find themselves in front of their screen and on Internet at the same time for a written meeting. Each series of sentences typed by the means of the keyboard is transmitted instantaneously to the therapeutist who answers according to same methods'.

These psychotherapies can be accessible to people living from the areas isolated, with people handicapped or patients of which mobility is reduced. It thus becomes possible to make a therapy of at home, its office or the country in which one remains with the therapeutist that one chooses in a directory of professionals on Internet with sometimes even the possibility of choosing the language.

The payment of the meetings is carried out in advance by bank card or cheque

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Psychoanalysis on line, phantasm or reality?
Psychoanalysis on line, phantasm or reality?

Internet caused a revolution in our everyday life by the mass of knowledge to which we can have access in some clicks of mouse. All the branches of industry are concerned with what it is necessary well to call a true revolution; all or almost can be done remotely by screen interposed via a telephone line and a modem including in the field of health (tele medicine, tele surgery) and in the field of the psychological care with the recent appearance of the therapies by mail (email therapy) and of the written therapies in interactive with a computer via Internet.

The traditional image of psychoanalysis showing the patient lengthened on the couch with the analyst behind him in an armchair risks to be also upset and replaced by that of the analyst sitting vis-a-vis to his computer equipped with a numerical camera, lending an attentive ear to his patient through his ear-phones while looking at him on his screen. The transmission of the images and the sound by high flow (ADSL) of the patient towards the analyst and vice versa allows meetings by video of good quality and this quality goes improving of day in day with constant progress in this field

Many analysts will think that it acts of a nightmare worthy of best of the worlds, that to in no case, one cannot do without the real presence of the analyst behind the couch. However some analysts having pinion on the Net propose already analyses according to these new methods. A psychoanalysis on computer via Internet does it concern an insane project or is made possible right now by the technological developments and the broadmindedness of some innovative experts eager to live with their time?

The answer, it is that an analysis by the Net is possible in the prerequisite to believe it possible and to put oneself in situation of research just like some famous analyst did in their time : Freud with small Hans for which it is the father who applied the treatment and Lacan in the abandonment of the traditional meeting of ¾ of hour to the profit of a meeting at variable duration to quote only these 2 examples.

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