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Jungian Psychology
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Jungian Publishers Online
Graduate Programs

Jungian Psychology

C.G. Jung Institute of Dallas

Fall Program: New York Page
Professional Seminar

Fall Program: Denver

Wilderness Dream Retreat in Vancouver, British Columbia

C.G. Jung Society of West Jersey:
2002-2003 Events Calendar
URL address updated 9-03-2002

Cave Art: Travel with Clayton Eshleman
You can also contact Clayton Eshleman directly at:
Tel: 734/483-9787

Jungian Psychology in Sweden: :
Välkommen till Jungföreningarna i Sverige!
Events in Göteborg, Skåne, Stockholm, and Stiftelsen

The New Israeli Jungian Society has a web site:

Flemming Ravn Neft's hommage to Carl Gustav Jung - a disseration about Jung's personal life and the major traits and notions of his analytical psychology, written in English, Danish and French. New lLocation:

Le Cercle Jung de Québec: has a new address:

San Antonio C.G. Jung Center New web site:

Sociedad Venezolana de Analistas Junguianos (SVAJ)
Venezuelan Society for Jungian Analysts
Dirección e información:
Calle Altamira, Qta- Puerta de Hierro, Country Club. Caracas
Horario: Lun-Vie, 9 am a 1 pm.
Telef. 7301505 Fax:: 7302687

La Sociedad Venezolana de Analistas Junguianos - SVAJ, es una sociedad sin fines de lucro, miembro de la International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP) en carácter de "non-training group".

President: Rita H. de Capriles

The Language of Dreams is a breakthrough video series introducing a step-by-step method of dream analysis previously unavailable outside of intensive psychotherapy. Produced by the DreamWeavers, experts in Jungian dream analysis, and hosted by Jungian analyst Elizabeth Strahan, the tapes guide the viewer through dream techniques emphasizing Jung's synthetic, creative approach to translating the messages delivered from the unconscious via dreams.

Groupe Rhône-Alpes d'Etude de la Psychanalyse d'Approche Jungienne
Le programme de la journée annuelle de conférences du GRAEPAJ vient d'être mis sur le site. Cette journée se déroulera à Grenoble le 13/10/01 et aura pour thème "Des racines et des liens".

Cahiers jungiens de psychanalyse
Now has a web site:

Einführung in die Psychologie:
Distance learning in psychology - Germany
Auf diesen Seiten erfolgt in Begleitung zum Fernstudienkurs 03250 'Einführung in die Psychologie' der FernUniversität eine kommentierte Übersicht zu Onlineangeboten zur Ergänzung und Vertiefung der Kursinhalte.

Psychoanalytic Coalition of Minnesota
Includes the Minnesota Jungian Seminar

Spanish Society for Analytical Psychology
Spanish, Catalan, and English

Jungian Analytical Association of Greater Washington Metropolitan Area
JAAGWMA: Under Construction

Calatonia, after the Greek Khalaó:
We are a large group of Brazilian psychotherapists that specializes in Jungian psychotherapy and bodywork. This body psychotherapy modality is also known in Brazil as "Subtle Touch." It is a pioneer work created by Pethö Sándor, a Hungarian medical doctor who lived and practiced in Brazil after leaving Europe after the WW II.
Our site has its English version and from there you can access the Portuguese version, too. The site in English is comprehensive, and we are now in an effort to divulge the work abroad. I am one of the psychotherapists responsible for the web site and presently live in Florida and work here as a licensed Mental Health Counselor.
Best regards,
Anita Ribeiro
637 N University Drive, Plantation, Florida 33324

The C.G. Jung Society of Montreal
An English speaking group offerring courses, lectures, workshops and other activities.

A new Yahoo e-group for counsellors, trainers, supervisors and students of Integrative Counselling in the U.K.

This website is for the dissemination of myth as it manifests in everyday life. Half of our writers are Pacifica Graduate Institute graduates or doctoral students. The remaining group of writers and poets are from various Jungian societies in the Pacific Northwest.

Les amis de C.G. Jung
Les amis de C.G. Jung ont pour objectif de faire mieux connaître le vaste domaine de la psychologie analytique au Québec. Les conférences et ateliers offerts visent à stimuler la réflexion sur certaines réalités psychologiques observables en chacun(e) et dans la société en général. À cet effet, elles se veulent accessibles à tous, sans prérequis intellectuel d'aucune sorte.

C.G. Jung - in Macedonia
The personal home page of Stojan Nikolich, a student at the University of Skopje's Medical Faculty, interested in postgraduate studies in Jungian clinical psychology.
Zdravo. Shtom vekje se izlazhavte da ja posetite stranicava dozvolete na kratko da vi kazham neshto za sebe. Se vikam Stojan Nikolich.

The Connecticut Association for Jungian Psychology: new web site.


C.G. Jung Institut - Zürich
Hornweg 27, 8700 Küsnacht
Tel. (01) 910-5323 and Fax (01) 910-5451

The Jung Society of Austin

La Société Française de Psychologie Analytique
Institut C.G. Jung
6, rue Rampon, 75011 Paris, France
Tel. (43) 57 18 26, Fax (43) 57 20 50

Groupe d'Etude et de Relexion en Psychologie Analytique
This association, based in Paris and in existence since 1968, works to create non-professionnal working groups on the basic concepts of the Jung's psychological approach. These groups are led by French Jungian psychoanalysts and they focus on the reading of papers and books by C.G. Jung and on other relevent articles.
Constitué en Association Loi 1901 depuis 1968, le G.E.R.P.A. est issu de la mouvance des pionniers qui, dès les années 40, ont étudié la pensée de Jung et voulu la faire connaître et la diffuser en France.
Aujourd'hui le G.E.R.P.A. poursuit fidèlement sa vocation par la mise en place et l'animation de plusieurs groupes d'études. Ces groupes réunissent mensuellement, pour une soirée de travail en commun, des personnes désireuses de découvrir activement la pensée jungienne.

Danish Society for Analytical Psychology

Claremont Jung Society (California)

La Asociación de Formación e Investigación en Psicología Analítica ...Argentina

C.G. Jung Club of Orange County, California

North Pacific Institute for Analytical Psychology

Centro di Psicologia Evolutiva Intersoggettiva CEPEI, the Italian Center for Evolutionary and Intersubjective Psychology is an association of Jungian Analysts wotking with Silvia Montefoschi who founded the first Italian Jungian Society, AIPA.

The C.G. Jung Ireland site aims to give space for challenging debate around questions of psychotherapy, mythology and anthropology. It also aims to provide news about events, get-togethers and available resources for those interested in Jungian questions of individuation. It's going to have a strong practical component. Without practice we are only philosophers. What implications do the vital questions of anima, shadow and individuation have for our daily lives? Keep watching this site and please contribute - no matter your affiliation.

Fundación C.G.Jung de Psicología Analítica de la Rep. Argentina
Now the site is bilingual: Spanish and English.

The Assisi Conferences and Seminars

The Belgian School of Jungian Psychoanalysis has now a web site now at and e-mail:

Georgia Association of Jungian Analysts

The C.G. Jung Society of Atlanta Regularly updated page.

The Groundworks Institute: integral study of the arts, the body, religion, science, and the psychology of C. G. Jung. Cedrus N. Monte, Ph.D., Diplomate Jungian Analyst (Zürich)

Kansas City - St. Louis Training Seminar

Rubedo is a brasilian web-site about Archetypal Psychology and Post-Jungian Psychology with articles by James Hillman, David Tacey, Sonu Shamdasani, Ginette Paris, and others.

C.G. Jung Foundation of Ontario: The Foundation is actively working on a Training Program and expects to announce it in the near future.

The C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco

San Francisco Psychotherapy Research Project: The San Francisco Psychotherapy Research Project (SFPRP) is a prospective comparative outcome study conducted in the James Goodrich Whitney Clinic of the San Francisco Jung Institute.
Data are collected at four measurement occasions:
1. First therapy session
2. Termination
3. One-year follow-up
4. Five-year follow-up
Analysts, candidates, and psychology interns and their Clinic patients serve on a voluntary basis as participants in the study.
Funding and Contributions
The study is currently funded by Jungian organizations at the international, national, and local levels. Contributions are also made by private donors and foundations. The SFPRP is one of three active psychotherapy research projects funded by the International Association for Analytical Psychology; the other two are being conducted in Berlin and Zürich. Contact Dr. Seth Isaiah Rubin, Principal Investigator or Dr. Nancy Powers, Research Assistant, for further information.

Seth Isaiah Rubin, Ph.D. is a San Francisco Analyst and the Principal Investigator for the San Francisco Psychotherapy Research Project.

The International Association for Analytical Psychology A site is now being developed for the IAAP.

The University of Essex Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies: Renos Papadopoulos and Andrew Samuels, both Jungian Analysts, hold jointly a Chair in Analytical Psychology. For more information on Jungian and post-Jungian studies, direct queries to

The Irish Analytical Psychology Association -- "IAPA".

Associaçao Junguiana do Brasil (AJB)
Jungian Association of Brazil

Instituto Junguiano de São Paulo (IJSP/AJB affiliated)
Jungian Institute of São Paulo

Instituto Junguiano do Rio de Janeiro (IJRJ/AJB affiliated)
Jungian Institute of Rio de Janeiro

Instituto C. G. Jung de Minas Gerais (ICGJMG/AJB affiliated)
C. G. Jung Institute of Minas Gerais

Sociedade Brasileira de Psicologia Analitica
Venezuelan Society of Jungian Analysts (SVAJ): Secretary: Judith M. de Moscu

Central Coast Jung Society: San Luis Obispo, California. The Society's newsletter and schedule of events can be found online.

The C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago: information on public programs and training; books available

Greater Cincinnati Friends of Jung

C.G. Jung Institute of Denver

C.G. Jung Educational Center, Houston, Texas

C.G. Jung Gesellschaft Köln e.V (Cologne): the page offers the complete semester program and is visited by the analytical therapists as well as all interested people in Germany , Swizerland, and Austria. Direct e-mail to Henning Weyerstrass at: or

The Eranos Foundation

Jung Archives at the ETH Check the History of Science Collection (Wissenschaftshistorische Sammlungen) at the ETH in Zurich for archives of the Jung estate.

C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles: a very attractive Web location providing access to the bookstore and information about training, about the Hilde Kirsch Children's Center, the Kieffer E. Frantz C linic, Psychological Perspectives , and much more.

Jung Society of Mexico

C.G. Jung-Institut München e.V.

Oregon Friends of C.G. Jung

The C.G. Jung Foundation of New York: The C.G. Jung Institute of New York Training Program

The Kristine Mann Library - New York

Phoenix Friends of C.G. Jung: Calendar of Events

The C.G. Jung Society, Seattle

C.G. Jung Society of Tidewater: The society sponsors speakers and produces a newsletter with the goal of fostering Jungian thought in the Tidewater, Virginia area.

The C.G. Jung Society of Victoria, British Columbia

The Washington D.C. Society for Jungian Psychology

CG Jung en langue francaise has a new URL:
CG Jung en langue francaise. The new e-mail address is:

Outpatient Jungian Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy: "Efficacy and Cost Effectiveness: A Catamnestic Study" by W. Keller, G. Westhoff, R. Dilg, R. Rohner, H.H. Studt and the study group on empirical psychotherapy research in analytical psychology, Department of Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy, University Medical Center Benjamin Franklin, Free University of Berlin. A German version of the same study is available at the same web site. The main site concerns health information privacy. In the section "Spezielle Themen" there is also a part on psychotherapy/psychiatry. There are many links to sources in English.

Analytische Psychologie: Journal. Editor: Gustav Bovensiepen, DGAP

Jungian Seminars in Switzerland for 2 week sessions in January and August.

The Guild of Analytical Psychology and Spirituality in London has a website that introduces it's programs:
Analytical Psychology Books, a related web site, also has a new web site:

Soul Connections: Concerned with the ways in which technology and modern living has resulted in "loss of soul", Benig Mauger combines her training and experience in Jungian depth psychology, pre- and perinatal psychology and spiritual awareness to look at ways of restoring soul to human life.

Electronic Pedagogy a web site from Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania


Web Sites for Jungian Themes
Hesse-Jung Home Page: Christian Messerli's German-English web site has a new address:

Temagami Vision Quest, is a yearly week-long retreat (since 1980) in the Canadian Wilderness in which Jungian psychology figures prominently. The dates this year are: September 2nd - 9th, 2001

Denver Mythological RoundTable:
The Denver RoundTable operates under the umbrella of the Joseph Campbell Foundation and held its first meeting on April 30.

Sam Vaknin's site on Pathological Narcissism represents Jung's views on narcissism in several of the FAQs:

Headline Muse
A free monthly journal with archetypal perspectives on culture, economics, politics, entertainment, and more.
We are authored by doctoral candidates (Pacifica Graduate Institute), Ph.D.s, professors, historians, therapists, award-winning writers and artists.

MetaMercury Productions
The creation of Mark Greene, Ph.D., a graduate of Pacifica Graduate Institute. The site offers film reviews, a newsletter, and 2 videos that have been accepted by the Dallas Video Festival 2001.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®

Play Therapy: with regular training workshops

The Voice of the Shuttle: containing over 70 pages of links to humanities and humanities-related resources on the Internet. The site additionally points toward the transformation of those disciplines as they interact with the sciences and social sciences and with new digital media. (See such pages as Cultural Studies, Sci-Tech and Culture, Cyberculture, and Technology of Writing.) VoS emphasizes both primary and secondary (or theoretical) resources.
Click here for the "voice of the shuttle" in Sophocles' "Tereus" -- Aristotle, Poetics 16.4.

Robin Robertson: Psychologist, Writer, Magician, Mathematician.

PsycheMatters, a web site by Cheryl Martin RN, MA, LPC of Dallas, Texas.

NetFuture: Technology and Human Responsibility

Imagination: Web Home of Marilyn Geist

The Alchemy of Opposites: Clifton Snider's home page (poet, lecturer at California State University, Long Beach, and literary critic).

Landscapes in My Mind: The Origins and Structure of the Subjective Experience. Book and web site by Vincenzo R. Sanguineti, M.D.

Narrative Psychology: Internet and Resource Guide ed. by Vincent Hevern, SJ, Ph.D. at LeMoyne College

Table of Contents of Postmodern Culture

Cyber-Semiotic Institute

Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief

On-line Continuing Education in Psychology

C.G. Jung's philosophy of imaginary: Jung le méconnu de la philosophie par Sophie Carre. The philosophical problems of analytical psychoanalysis--English and French translations coming soon.

Rubedo: a Brasilian web-site about Archetypal Psychology and Post-Jungian Psychology. We have articles by James Hillman, David Tacey, Sonu Shamdasani, Ginette Paris, and others.

Mental Health Licensure Resources This is an excellent connection for anyone wanting to know more about licensure in different states. I found it while checking random sites through the Mental Health Chase link on the home page.

The Sandplay Therapists of America maintain a web site at Each month the editors place an article on-line from the Journal of Sandplay Therapy. Kate Amatruda, MFCC, ISST, Webmistress

E-Archetypes.Com is a source of miniatures for sandplay and other archetypal and ethnically significant artifacts from various cultures around the world.

Archetypal Psychology moved to a new site. Formerly "Prima Materia." Excellent information on James Hillman and Archetypal Psychology

The Northern Ireland Group for Art as Therapy (NIGAT) has a new URL: Art as Therapy []

SocialWorld: Patrick Macartney's homepage with links to subjects such as psychology, sociology, existentialism, postmodernism. Worth surfing.

The Friends Conference on Religion and Psychology Founded by Elined Kotchnig, who was a Jungian Analyst, along with several others who were interested in the interface between Jungian Depth Psychology and Quaker Worship

Keirsey Temperament Sorter Jungian personality test

Katherine Benziger, Ph.D. Jungian typology, falsification of type. Watch for new developments at this site.

TypeDynamics of London Ontario, Canada. Take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Career Counseling. Site hosted by Charles McNeil.

Myers-Briggs Personality Typology on the Web by Mary Hoerr. Articles, links.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Frequently asked questions.

High Performing Systems is an integrated systems approach to organizational development. Team development and valuing people through the understanding of psychological type (MBTI). by Dick Thompson.

Transparency: interprets and critiques movies and television, news and political rhetoric, theme parks and advertising, computer games, the Internet, and a good deal more

The Alchemy Web Site: Set up by Adam McLean with over 700 pages and 500 graphic images. Send e-mail to

The Zodiac Hacker a site devoted to astrology, Jungian psychology, culture, music, and the possibilities of web site development.

Archetypal Astrology Douglas Boyd

The Ninth Street Center East Village - A site dedicated to the ground-breaking work of Paul Rosenfels in developing a science of human nature. Material on introversion, extroversion, gender, se xuality, homosexuality, and interpersonal creativity

Mystic Fire Video A long list of excellent videotapes, including a video on Jung called, "Artist of the Soul"

Alexandria on the Web Cosmology, philosophy, myth, and culture.

Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and the Life Sciences.

Joseph Campbell Foundation

I Ching

Alchemy: devoted to a wide range of alchemical publications, texts, and interest groups

Gnosis Archive: a list of Internet articles, Gnostic texts, resources, and related Web sites

Greek Mythology: the Olympians in text and graphics

Psychology of Religion: a general introduction to the psychology of religion as studied by researchers in Division 36 of the American Psychological Association.

Archetypal Astrology

Parabola: Society for the Study of Myth and Tradition

Jung and Other Psychological Theorists with other attractions. By Eric Pettifor.

Institute for Psychological Study of the Arts

Fine Art, Architecture, and Psychology

Archaeology and Psychology

IntegrativeCounselling in the UK


Jungian Publishers Online
Princeton University Press: C.G. Jung's Collected Works and more, including Princeton Paperbacks, other resources. Growing fast. The publisher is online but not The Collected Works. The Kundalini and Visions seminars are available at a reduced price.

Centrum för Jungiansk Psykologi AB a Swedish publisher. A newsletter with information about literature, courses, seminars and other activities related to Jungian psychology in Sweden, Norway, and Finland is publ ished 2-3 times a year. E-mail:

Daimon Verlag

Routledge: publisher of The Collected Works and other Jungian titles.

Inner City Books: 72 titles in a series of Studies in Jungian Psychology by Jungian Analysts--see Homepage and Catalogue

Spring Publications with the Journal listings, a mailing list, books, tapes, programs. Archetypal psychology and James Hillman. Now at a new address.

Phanes Press Publishes books on alchemy, myth, philosophy, and spiritual traditions of the Western world. Some titles are of Jungian interest.

Plenum The Plenum catalog is updated bimonthly.

Chiron Publications: books, audiotapes, and videotapes

Free Associaion Books


Graduate Programs
California School of Professional Psychology: at the Analytic Psychology PsyD

The first Developmental Jungian graduate program in clinical psychology in the US, it represents a major step forward in clinical training in this country. This program is an outgrowth of the Dynamic Psychology emphasis which has been operational at CSPP Fresno for twenty years. It combines a solid foundation in theoretical and research coursework with an emphasis on developing professional skills. The Jungian emphasis will give students a broader and deeper understanding of the unconscious in psychology across the life span and a greater appreciation of the psyche.

CSPP has several campuses, all accredited by WASC and approved by the American Psychological Association. The Analytic Psychology emphasis is at the Fresno/Sacramento campus only. Applications are being accepted for the fall semester. For more information, contact the Director, Ronald Teague, PhD, ABPP, at

Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies, University of Essex:
M.A. and doctoral programs in Jungian and post-Jungian studies. This is the time of year to apply for admission to these programs.

The unique MA program has been designed for a wide range of students from both clinical and non-clinical backgrounds. It takes an informative, critical and reflective stance in relation to the core concepts developed by Jung, post-Jungians and scholars. It explores both clinical theory and applications in areas such as cultural and gender studies, social and political theory, philosophy and religion. The program is directed by Renos Papadopoulos and Andrew Samuels
For more information on M.A. and Ph.D. programs in Jungian and post-Jungian studies at Essex, direct queries to

Sonoma State University. M.A. in Depth Psychology. Sally Tomlinson, Graduate Admissions Coordinator.
"The Depth Psychology program is a structured, 34-unit, two-year curriculum that explores the theories, methods, and applications of depth psychology. Using a psychodynamic, Jungian, and archetypal approach to understanding human behavior, depth psychology recognizes the complexity of human experience, and is committed to understanding the "deeper" aspects of what it means to be human."

Psychoanalysis-Friendly Schools

Peterson's Catalog of Graduate Studies For people looking for information about graduate programs in psychology. Search for programs with Jungian resources.

Graduate Schools in Psychology: 185 psychology Ph.D. programs listed under "Professional Resources" by the Mental Health Net.

The Naropa Institute

Pacifica Graduate Institute
Pacifica is a small, internationally recognized and accredited graduate school offering M.A. and Ph.D. programs in Psychology and Mythological Studies. In addition to its degree programs, Pacifica offers lectures and conference to the general public at various locations throughout Santa Barbara County. All of Pacifica's programs have an emphasis in depth psychology, the humanities and culture. Pacifica Graduate Institute is the site of the Joseph Campbell and Marija Gimbutas Library.
If you have any questions please contact Liz Boyer (Public Programs) at 805.969.3626 ext. 103 or

The Fielding Institute

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